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Retain Talent & Hire Smarter

It's extremely competitive in the job market right now, and it's more imperative than ever that businesses look at hiring as something they plan to win. We've been in the hiring industry for 17 years, so we know a thing or two about how what it takes to not only hire smarter but to retain talent in the first place. [...]

How To Communicate The Right Way: Why Great Communication Can Help Your Business Grow

Happy, engaged, and motivated employees stay working for you. Some studies show that engaged, happy employees are 20% more productive.   People are engaged, happy, and motivated when they feel like what they do matters and that it makes a difference. While some industries and businesses can see a direct correlation drawn between what they do and how it impacts the [...]

Why Ignoring On-boarding & Training Can Hurt Your Retention (& Make Your Employees Upset!)

Setting your employees up for success is as easy as making sure their first day runs smooth. A big part of that is on-boarding processes and procedures. Setting your new hires up for success from the very first day they set foot in your business can help you with your employee retention. All too often we hear that people don’t [...]

GTR Day In The Life: Dillon Palmer

At Global Technical Recruiters, we are really only as good as the people we have working for us. Our clients work with us because of our experience in the industry AND the top talent we employee. Our employees work tirelessly to pair quality candidates with open positions at companies where both the company and employee will benefit the most. We [...]

Do These 4 Things When Your Job Posting Isn’t Getting The Right Applicants

It is a drastically different hiring landscape as of late. Not only are there less people looking for jobs compared to the number of jobs available, but the average job-seeker searches and how they apply for jobs in a different way than ever before.  Now job seekers use their mobile phones more than a desktop computer when they look and [...]

The Most Unbelievable Truths about Recruiting & Staffing – Part 2

Recruiting and staffing agencies combat their fair share of myths and falsities. Last week, we wrote about 2 major myths that we often come across in this industry (that recruiters just post jobs online and that they are way too expensive). This week we tackle what other two major myths are out there regarding recruiting and staffing agencies.  Often times [...]

Employee Retention Tips To Keep Your Employees Happy (& Working FOR You)

Keeping key employees happy and working seems like it should be simple, right? Pay them fair wages and give them some perks and they’ll be happy and stay. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Good employees leave good jobs for a slew of different reasons. The job market is hot right now (there are more jobs that need filled than [...]

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