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Top 5 Tips For Employee Retention

Employee retention is a hot topic going into the new year. The hiring market still favors those looking for jobs over those looking to fill jobs - unemployment is still low and there are still currently more jobs than people to work them. This means that amongst your hiring efforts for 2020, you need to ensure you and your hiring [...]

GTR Day In The Life: Jen Campbell

At Global Technical Recruiters, we are really only as good as the people we have working for us. Our clients work with us because of our experience in the industry AND the top talent we employee. Our employees work tirelessly to pair quality candidates with open positions at companies where both the company and employee will benefit the most. And sometimes [...]

Job Spotlight: CNC Machinist

What is a CNC Machinist and what do they do? CNC Machinists (computer numerically controlled machinists) are responsible for creating integral pieces of larger products that get used in so many different ways each day. CNC Machinists help manufacturing companies by cutting and shaping small pieces of metal, wood, or other materials into manufacturing components. These components can go into [...]

Is It Fair? How To Determine If Your Job Stacks Up To The Competition

In this competitive market, it's important that a business knows if their jobs stack up to others like theirs. It's even more true if you are in competition with other similar businesses near you. Good businesses can loose quality candidates because of their job offers due to the following: lower than market wage, the wrong (or not enough) benefits, not [...]

How To Communicate The Right Way: Why Great Communication Can Help Your Business Grow

Happy, engaged, and motivated employees stay working for you. Some studies show that engaged, happy employees are 20% more productive.   People are engaged, happy, and motivated when they feel like what they do matters and that it makes a difference. While some industries and businesses can see a direct correlation drawn between what they do and how it impacts the [...]

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