Hiring right now is as competitive and challenging as it’s ever been.  Valuable resources, like time and money, quickly add up as companies try to compete for the best talent in the market.  

How many times have you been up against a “clock” trying to find a person to fill a job role, only to find and hire someone who doesn’t work out? What is the impact when a position remains open for an extended period of time – what resources are lost over the extended period of time? 

If you’re like many in the manufacturing world, it’s happened more times than you care to count.

Let us help you paint a picture of an all-too-familiar scenario: you have a position to fill. You post the job, hoping the best candidates just find you and the hiring process is effortless. Time ticks on, the days pass, and your job is still vacant. 

Your position stays open for weeks, your staff becomes overworked to keep up with the demand you currently have. There are not enough employees to complete the current work since there is a job vacancy so your capacity is maxed, which could lead to more overtime or possibly sending the work elsewhere. 

If you are lucky to have an HR or someone to do the hiring, that person is often responsible for so much more. They simply cannot dedicate the time needed to source and recruit candidates in order to fill the positions with top talent quickly in today’s market.  So the weeks turn into months and the job still isn’t filled. What is the impact to your production and efficiencies while this job has been vacant?

Working with a staffing agency will help you be more efficient and give you a competitive advantage for the best candidates in the market.  You are outsourcing your legwork to an expert while taking advantage of the active and passive candidate pipeline that a strong talent agency has built.  This makes it so much easier for you. 

Outsourcing hiring will allow you more time to spend with qualified and viable candidates while freeing the time you were spending on hiring to do other tasks and responsibilities where you make an impact for your organization. 

What happens if the position remains open for an extended period of time? Do you lose production, pay additional overtime, offload work or are you forced to reject additional work? How much time is your staff spending sourcing, recruiting and hiring candidates for positions?  What happens if a hire doesn’t work out? Yep…sometimes you’re even forced to do all that hiring work all over again.  What other projects would your staff be able to focus on and accomplish if they weren’t spending time on hiring? What would you gain if the position was filled tomorrow?

That’s where a staffing agency can add serious value to your processes. Partnering with a reputable staffing and talent agency gives you access to more candidates to select from and helps you fill jobs easier and quicker!


A Reputable Staffing and Talent Agency Understands How Hiring Works

A staffing agency knows how hiring works because that’s their business. Hiring can be a full-time job and the most effective staffing agencies make it that way. 

A big part of hiring someone is making sure the candidate knows how great your business is before they start working there. It’s essentially selling your position and company to someone before they accept a job. 

The right partner in hiring will work with you to find the best features to highlight that will set you apart.  They should be an extension of your hiring team and work hard to sell your job and your company just as you would. 

Finding the right staffing agency means asking them how they plan to “sell” your job and your company to someone else. The right staffing agency has a talented team that is experienced in evaluating the benefits and perks about your company and role so they can engage qualified candidates and set your company apart from competing companies and opportunities. 

They Know How to Recruit

Sounds simple, but it’s not as easy as it may seem (maybe that’s why you’re here in the first place!). Effective staffing agencies understand how to locate job seekers, ask the right questions, and bring you candidates that fit what you’re looking for.

They will work to understand your needs and build a profile and screening plan. A truly valuable staffing agency should combine their expertise in attracting and recruiting talent with your expertise on your business. The staffing and talent agency will work with you to learn your business and job opening so they can effectively market your business and job to qualified candidates.

They have experience recruiting in your market and can provide valuable insights to help you attract the best talent and demographic for your business. They are knowledgeable about the current employment climate and will consult with you about how to adjust the parameters of your position to provide the best possible results.  

In short, a leading staffing agency knows how to effectively recruit for a job and is confident in working with a business to develop the right position description to attract the right talent. 


A Staffing Agency Saves You Time

According to Glassdoor.com, on average it takes 23+ days to fill an open position. That doesn’t factor in the hiring manager’s current full time job and their own daily responsibilities. Even the most well-run HR departments and hiring personnel still have other impactful responsibilities outside of hiring that take both time and energy – so in some cases filling a job role can take even longer. A hiring manager busy with other tasks and challenges may not have the flexibility and time to react urgently to sourcing and vetting candidates (and as a result will lose candidates because of the delay of engagement). 

Top staffing and talent agencies understand the value and importance of urgency when it comes to recruiting and engaging candidates. They understand that you lose time and money when a job stays vacant and will work as an extension of your team while leveraging their resources and experience. The best staffing agencies give you access to more qualified candidates so you can find great talent, fast. 

Effective staffing agencies aren’t “resume farms” who will pull resumes based on keyword searches and give you a stack of resumes that aren’t what you need. The most valuable staffing agencies pair down the number of resumes you see and provide you only those that would be best fits for your open position. They should combine their expertise in attracting and recruiting talent with your expertise on your business. Sourcing resumes and screening candidates is part of the job – – and an effective talent and staffing agency knows that.

Working with a staffing agency gets talent in your doors faster since a staffing and talent agency is well-versed in the many steps involved with hiring. 


Staffing Agencies Give You Flexibility 

Lastly, you have the ability to change your workforce as your business demands change. A great staffing agency will have a proactive recruiting plan in place for your positions and will be able to react quickly with every ebb and flow of your business.  

If you need someone to cover a leave of absence, it may make more sense to hire a temporary worker to fill the gap. If you require more expertise and experience, you can work with a staffing agency to find great talent that fits the skills and requirements you need. 

Hiring through a staffing agency also gives you time to evaluate candidates before you commit to investing in the additional costs to hire. Talk about versatility! 

How Are You Managing Your Talent Acquisition and Staffing Needs?

Valuable staffing and talent agencies use their vast resources to source the best candidates for their business partners. With constantly changing pools of candidates, a staffing agency with knowledge and expertise as well as a commitment to bring in the best candidates is a win-win for any business. 

If you want a great extension of your team, consider using a staffing agency. 

Global Technical Recruiters is here to help. If you’ve found yourself in a position where you have more open jobs than you have time to interview for, or if you’d rather spend your time managing and growing the business, not hiring, we can help. Get in touch with us today.