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It’s extremely competitive out there – in both recruiting and hiring. This is great for those looking for jobs, but not so great for those looking to hire to fill jobs. Businesses need to be competitive, efficient, and really overhaul their current practices to align with the market and technology out there.

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Finding top talent to fill an open position takes a lot of time and effort!

In fact, recent reports indicate that the hiring process today is the longest it has ever been. The interview and hiring process now takes an average of 23 days — up from 13 days in 2015.

An improved recruiting and hiring process will reduce the time it takes to fill positions and get you up and running at full capacity.

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What We Will Cover

There are a number of factors contributing to this phenomenon:

  • A low unemployment rate leads to increased competition in the job market
  • A lack of skilled, quality candidates actively looking for new jobs
  • Poor recruiting and hiring practices

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