Employee FAQs

How do I access my paystubs?2023-11-20T11:06:33-05:00

Please contact your local GTR office to receive a link to access your paystubs and pay information. Locate your local office and contact information here.

What is the Payroll Customer Service Phone Number?2022-08-03T13:26:33-04:00

The payroll customer service line is 216-678-9051.

How do I update my contact information?2020-03-30T11:06:08-04:00

Please call any of our local branch offices to update your contact information. Find contact information here: https://gtrjobs.com/locations/

What is the status of my direct deposit?2020-03-30T11:05:10-04:00

Contact 216-678-9051 or fill out the form below:

Contact Payroll Department

How do I resolve a paycheck problem?2020-03-30T11:04:16-04:00

Contact 216-678-9051 or fill out the form below:

Contact Payroll Department

How and when am I paid?2020-03-30T11:02:17-04:00

Employees are paid each Friday by GTR through direct deposit or rapid pay card method.   Payroll is process through Paycom and each associate is required to set up an account with Paycom.   If you already have Paycom login credentials (click PDF to log in).  If you need username and login credentials, please contact our payroll department for assistance using the form below.

Logging into Paycom Additional Instructions

Contact Payroll Department

What should I do if I lost my username and password credentials for Paycom?2020-03-30T10:43:50-04:00

Use the “Forgot Username or Password” function on the employee self service page:  https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ee/web.php/app/login or contact GTR payroll department for assistance.

How do I update my contact information for payroll documents?2020-03-30T10:43:07-04:00
How do I change my username and or password for payroll?2020-03-30T10:41:41-04:00
How do I update my tax information?2020-03-30T10:38:15-04:00

Use the PDFs linked below:

ESS-update taxes

ESS- w2

General Payroll Information2020-03-30T10:25:43-04:00

GTR uses Paycom for their payroll process needs.  All working GTR associates will need to set up an account.  If you already have Paycom login credentials (click PDF “logging into paycom additional instruction”).  If you need username and login credentials, please contact our payroll department for assistance.

Logging into Paycom Additional Instructions

How do I get started in my job search?2019-02-27T15:42:19-05:00

Please visit our locations page and call your preferred office to schedule an appoint, or come in to apply from 9am-11am and 1pm-4pm Monday through Friday.

How do I obtain an employment verification?2019-01-23T20:44:47-05:00

Submit your paperwork to our administrative office via email to payroll@gtrjobs.com or fax 440-793-7030

What is the cost of GTR’s services to job seekers?2018-12-04T13:21:40-05:00

There is no cost to job seekers, we are paid by the companies where our employees are placed.

What type of benefits do you offer?2018-12-04T13:21:40-05:00

Benefits, paid holidays and vacation days may be available based on position specifications. Once you begin work with GTR, your recruiter will review the options available.

How long do the assignments last?2018-12-04T13:21:40-05:00

The length of assignments varies, based on the position. GTR offers temporary, temporary to hire, contract and permanent placements. Based on your career goals and experience, your recruiter will work with you to determine the best opportunity for you.

Employer FAQs

What type of candidates does GTR recruit?2019-02-27T15:43:28-05:00

We have experience recruiting for positions ranging from entry-level to highly skilled candidates. The GTR team is capable of serving both your general, hourly positions and your skilled and professional positions. Visit our talent page for more information.

How do I submit a job opening?

You can contact your GTR representative, submit a job order online  or email sales@gtrjobs.com.

How are GTR employees paid?2018-12-04T13:24:19-05:00

Employees working at your company through GTR will be paid each Friday. We offer employees direct deposit and the Directo Card, a debit card service. Employees pay methods will be coordinated upon hire. Contact information for paychecks: staff@gtrjobs.com.

Where do I turn in the hours worked by GTR employees?

We ask you submit hours every Monday for the GTR employees who worked the previous week.  Please submit hours to our administrative office via email, payroll@gtrjobs.com or fax, 440-793-7030

What are the accepted forms of timecards?2018-12-04T13:24:52-05:00

Our timecard system is flexible, based what is easiest for you. We accept copies of punch timecards, completed GTR timecards or hours emailed directly to our payroll department, payroll@gtrjobs.com. Download GTR timecards here. 

What are the steps to handle an on-the-job injury?2018-12-04T13:25:05-05:00

If an employee is injured, direct them to the nearest Emergency Room or Urgent Care Facility. The employee must tell the ER that this is a work related injury and that they work for Global Technical Recruiters. The Employee then must report to a GTR Office within 24 hours of the injury to complete necessary paperwork and turn in all medical papers from the ER. For any additional questions please contact staff@gtrjobs.com or call our Administrative Office 440-365-1670.


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