The Best Reasons to Work in Manufacturing in 2022

2022 is a year of growth in a lot of sectors, and manufacturing is no different! 

With the mass exodus of workers leaving jobs in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries, there are a lot of great people (is this you?) that should consider the manufacturing industry when searching for their next jobs. If you are someone who left one of those industries, did you know that manufacturing is just as fast-paced, exciting, and always-changing as those other industries… but brings more stability, better work schedules, and great pay? There are so many reasons why anyone should consider starting your career in manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry will remain on a positive growth trajectory over the next ten years, with a pivot happening when manufacturers focus on Smart Manufacturing and advanced robotics, so the time to Make Your Move is now. 

So what can you expect when it comes to manufacturing jobs in 2022 and why is now the perfect time for people to join so many others in the industry that is the backbone of the United States? 

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Entry-Level Openings

A lot of businesses don’t require a college degree.

So many organizations have entry-level positions open now but don’t think that you will be working the same job for the rest of your career. There are multiple career paths one can follow for a variety of jobs. Further, each company has their own career paths and development plans for their organizations,  so the sky’s the limit. You can really get in now and learn valuable skills that can set you up for future jobs in your company and in the industry. 

This industry is a great option for any stage of your career. Just graduated from high school or college, changing careers, or re-entering the workforce from taking a break; it really doesn’t matter. Anyone can start off in the industry and you may not even need a college degree to do so. A great (and well paying!) career and no possible student loan debt? What a win!

Many companies prefer to promote from within so getting your foot in the door with an entry-level opportunity (especially if you are new to the industry!) is a smart move. You can look into other job roles in your department or even other departments within the same company when you are ready. There is an on-going skills gap so become an asset and the skys the limit!

Job Security

Manufacturing is necessary for so many of the things we use and need each day.

This industry is the backbone of so many different parts of our life, some that we take for granted. The inside of your cell phone, your lightbulbs, your car, your refrigerator – all of these things are manufactured and the process to create them employs hundreds if not thousands of people each day. 

Even though we saw some decline due to COVID-19, manufacturing is continuing to post positive job openings, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This shows how strong and needed this industry is. Once you are in the manufacturing sector, you really are able to stay in your organization and advance your skills and expertise. 

man wearing overalls crouched down by a metal item wearing a welders mask

High Wages

Those that work their way up in this industry are rewarded. 

The average hourly wage of a manufacturing professional is $29.02 dollars per hour. This figure may even continue to increase as businesses consolidate and top talent is really sought after. The more you work with your management team, acquire new skills, take on new roles, and elevate yourself the easier it will be to maximize your career earnings. 

Because of the skills shortage that exists in a lot of sectors including manufacturing, manufacturing companies are working hard to keep their top talent in their workforces, which means that many are looking to improve their employee retention rates. If you land a great manufacturing job and can deliver consistently towards the company’s goals, then you could be looking at a stable and well-paying, rewarding career.

Contribution to the Economy

This industry helps support small and large economies. 

The manufacturing industry is a critical part of so many communities and small (towns) and large (states) economies. When manufacturing orders increase, employment expands and the economies big and small grow with it – that could be the difference in really bringing a community upward and bringing in even more businesses and jobs in! 

The people who are working in the manufacturing industry are providing not only support to their own families but the ability to support their communities, put their money back in local businesses, provide support to community services, and influence larger economies as well. 

Developing a sought-after skill set.

A skills shortage could really help out hard workers! 

There is a skills gap in the current manufacturing sector, so getting in in 2022 and developing a deeper understanding of the industry while acquiring the essential skills would mean you would become a huge asset to any company! 

This ties into the really great wages you can earn in the industry. Find ways to continue to gain more skills, and become a great asset to the industry and your company. CNC Machining, Industrial Hygienic, Shop Manager, Welder, and so much more await you as skills and careers you can have in this industry.

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