Manufacturing jobs are critical to so many different aspects of our everyday lives – even more than people probably realize. Cell phones, computers, cars, trains, buildings, clothes, bedding….. The list can go on and fill up pages and pages.

But oftentimes people forget that this industry and the employees working in it are vital to the way society works each and every day. This industry often gets a bad reputation of being dirty, boring or not advanced enough. And none of that is true.

Manufacturing is one of the most rewarding careers because of the impact it has on society everyday. Each day employees of this industry are contributing to the overall economy, how we live our day to day, help keep people safe and healthy, and so much more.

And at this current time, there are a lot of tenured manufacturing workers on the verge of retirement so the time to join the ranks of manufacturing is now. If you have ever asked yourself if manufacturing careers are rewarding, the answer is YES.

So how do you find a rewarding manufacturing job?

First, go to job fairs.

This is a great way to see a lot of different companies at once, meet a variety of people in the industry, and impress hiring professionals. Job fairs are designed to give employers and job seekers a chance to meet in a neutral environment in order to discuss employment opportunities. As a job seeker, this is a great place to show off and talk about your skills. Make sure you bring a lot of copies of your resume and always make sure you dress appropriately. You never know who you may meet!

Second, leverage your network.

You likely know quite a few people that work in or directly know someone who is in the manufacturing space. When doing this, it’s important to start this as a way to just learn about the rewarding manufacturing jobs that exist in your area and within your network. Ask people who work in manufacturing if they are able to talk to you about the perks of the industry. A great conversation could lead to a better understanding, or better yet a referral to a hiring manager.

Third, make sure your resume is always fully up-to-date with all relevant information.

Always having an up-to-date resume means you are always ready to hand it or email it to people – and that kind of preparation shows how much of a go-getter you are. Whether you go to job fairs, interviews, or even to talk to someone in your network, always bring a folder with multiple printed copies to hand out and leave behind. While you can’t always have it nice and printed in an instant, if you also always have it available to send via email you will be ready for any opportunity that comes your way.

Fourth, work with a reputable recruiter.

Recruiters have the inside scoop on jobs – including ones that aren’t even posted publicly yet. Recruiters can also help give you insight into companies and other roles you may be interested and skilled for. You will also save time and you will have access to skilled professionals who have special skills when it comes to helping with resumes, understanding how your skills would translate to different jobs, tips on presentation and interview tips, and so much more.

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