How to Impress During Your Next Manufacturing Interview

Interviewing can seem scary and daunting, but it’s really not - especially if you are prepared and read our “How to Impress During Your Next Interview” tips. You have secured an amazing opportunity to interview with a manufacturing company and you are ready to make your move to manufacturing. Great! You have your resume and are excited. But don’t miss [...]

7 Things to NEVER Do During a Job Interview!

You are ready to Make Your Move and landed an interview with a new company - congratulations! Job interviews are stressful enough, don't make it worse by doing these 7 things that are BIG no's! If you want to be a serious contender for an open position, a few missteps can cost you the job. Don't do any of these [...]

Don’t Do These 8 Things During An Interview!

Don't do these 8 things during an interview! Interviews are stressful. No matter how prepared you are and how much you know about the job and company you are interviewing for, interviews are still a high-stakes interaction with what you hope will be your next employer. Making sure you do all the right things is good, but having a list [...]

Top 5 Reasons It’s Great to Work In Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest and most impactful industries in the United States.  It is a perfect place to make your move and enjoy a long, rewarding, and exciting career in the manufacturing field. For anyone looking to find an innovative and fast-paced job, there’s never been a better time to look into this industry.  [...]

The Best Candidates Have Multiple Job Offers – So What Should You Do?

A high unemployment rate in a country creates a bad scenario for employers - a lot of open jobs but not the same number of qualified candidates to fill them.  This environment is a great environment for employees - there are so many jobs and organizations to pick from so a person can really find a perfect job and organization.  [...]

Why Outsourcing Workforce Solutions Will Help Businesses Succeed in 2022

All businesses are unique - no two businesses, even if they are in the same industry, are the same.  The way businesses compete for market share as well as top talent in their industry is also unique. And the current hiring climate in 2022 is making it even harder than normal to attract and retain employees. The pandemic, the "Great [...]

Skills v. Experience & Why Both Are (Very) Useful To Employers

It’s important to find candidates with the skills, experience, and education that you need to not only perform a job well but to add value to your organization. In a time of labor shortage and talent storage, it is best for businesses to find new ways to look at resumes and disregard some of the old way of thinking.  While [...]

Interview Questions That Help To Uncover Top Talent Quickly

Filling a vacant position isn’t easy. Talented employees are hard to come by, and when presented with a large pool of candidates, it’s hard to sort out the regular candidates from the most qualified ones. The most effective way to uncover top talent is learning how to ask them the right questions. Interviews are obviously a great time to get [...]

How Can You Impress the Interviewer During A Phone Or Video Interview?

It’s an unprecedented time for all people, businesses, and industries. We are living during a pandemic and it’s changed the way we as humans do a lot of things.  We see more people and businesses working from home, meetings moved to conference calls, and more and more organizations opting to use basic technology to continue to do the [...]

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