It’s an unprecedented time for all people, businesses, and industries. We are living during a pandemic and it’s changed the way we as humans do a lot of things. 

We see more people and businesses working from home, meetings moved to conference calls, and more and more organizations opting to use basic technology to continue to do the things they need to do to keep business running.

This includes taking interviews that may have been in person and finding ways to make them digital. Whether it’s more in depth phone interviews or in-person interviews that now have moved to video, the move to methods to interview and hire that maintain social distancing have been seen across many industries. 

So what can you do to really wow someone when you aren’t physically there with them?

Best tips to have a great phone interview. 

First, make sure you are practicing speaking clearly. Talking over a phone means slowing down, clearly annunciating your words, and speaking in complete and thoughtful sentences. 

To practice, find common interview questions and write them down. Have someone you trust call you and ask these questions and have them give you feedback on how you answered. Could they hear you? Did you speak clearly and slowly? Were your sentences coherent and did they make sense? 

Next make sure you have your resume, notes, and questions you’d like to ask ready and written down and accessible to you. This also includes any notes on yourself or any answers to questions you are commonly asked. It’s a good idea to also take time to review the organization you are applying at and write down any questions or comments you’d like to address during your interview. 

Be sure to listen carefully as well. It’s easy to get distracted and to stop listening when you are on the phone with someone, but don’t let that happen to you during the interview! It’s important to deliver your message clearly but it’s also important to listen to someone who is speaking to you. Plus, you don’t want to miss some important information the interviewer may offer. 

One last tip is get dressed in something like you would wear to the interview. It doesn’t matter if the person on the other end can’t see you – you’ll feel more confident and be in the right mindset if you are dressed in interview attire. 

Here’s our how-to on how to wow a video interview.

It’s important to download the software a few days in advance. This ensures you have the right software and that you know it works before you have to use it for something as important as an interview. On this same thought, it’s best practice to test call a few people you know who have this software too. Again, testing it before you have to use it for an interview is a great way to be prepared for the interview. 

Choose a username that is professional. If your name is available, choose that as a username. Since this is being used for business purposes you want your username to be as professional as possible.

Find a location in your home that has the best possible light. You want to be able to be seen on video and proper lighting is part of that. If you don’t have a space by window that offers a lot of natural light, using lamps to create lighting is a great idea. Don’t put the lights directly next to you as that may make it too bright to see you, but you’ll need them close enough and on both sides of you to give you the right lighting.

Make sure your internet connection is stable. Having a video cut out because of an unsecure internet connection can be frustrating for both you and the person doing your interview. If your internet isn’t as stable in certain parts of your home, find a space that allows for better internet connectivity. 

Maintain eye contact and don’t get distracted. It’s easy to think you can do other things while someone is talking to you, but if you wouldn’t do it in an in-person interview do not do it during a video interview. 

Like we mentioned before, get dressed and yes this also means the right pants and shoes. Just because you don’t think someone can’t see your pants and legs doesn’t mean you can try and wear shorts or pajama pants on your legs during a video interview. What if you stand up or need to retrieve something in another room during your interview? Get fully dressed. 

When it comes to interviewing, you always want to make sure you are prepared – no matter if the interview is in person or not. Being prepared and ready shows your potential employer you have the drive and determination to get any job done.

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