If you are or know a recruiter, people assume their job function is to read resumes and interview people for jobs. And while this is true, it’s just a fraction of what a top-notch recruiter at a reputable staffing agency actually does.

Someone who has chosen recruiting as their career can tell you they split their time between inbound and outbound sourcing, reviewing resumes, learning the in’s and out’s of their clients open jobs, canvassing their pool of candidates, conducting interviews, following up, networking….. Do we need to go on? 

Extremely effective recruiters make it their business to know. They know their clients, they know how to sell, they know how to find qualified candidates, they know how to interview, and they know the value of keeping a pulse on their current candidate pool.

There are a lot of myths out there surrounding recruiters, and we want to bust them! 

The most unbelievable truths about recruiting and staffing, part 1!

Myth #1: Recruiters just post jobs online, and that is something we can do internally. 

Yes, you can post a job online all on your own – anyone can.  And yes, recruiters post jobs online as well, but that is just a small part of what effective recruiters do to find candidates for their clients.  In addition, job postings only give you active job seekers at that specific time and it definitely doesn’t guarantee the applicants are qualified or desirable. 

Reputable recruiting agencies are invested in a portfolio of recruiting platforms in order to uncover every stone to provide top candidates to meet their clients expectations.  Effective recruiting strategies require a mixture of strategies to target both active and passive job seekers.  Top recruiting agencies will have access to extensive resume and applicant databases and will have a network and pipeline of passive job seekers built up through years of recruiting. 

Any effective recruiter will tell you that this myth of their only job being posting jobs online simply isn’t true. The best recruiters and staffing agencies do so much more than just post a job. 

Recruiters work hand in hand with businesses who are looking to hire to fill open job roles.  Top-notch recruiters get to know their clients goals and objectives and work as a partner to find great candidates to fill those roles. The most effective recruiters at reputable staffing agencies take the time it requires to really understand the job requirements to build a comprehensive profile and get a good feel for the company and its mission and vision.  After all this, then the recruiter goes out and tries to find people to fill this open job. 

Leaders in the recruiting industry have a team of recruiters who are at the top of their game when it comes to finding and engaging candidates with opportunities. We reach out and market and sell positions to our network better than any job posting can.   

But sourcing and recruiting candidates is just the first step and effective recruiting agencies do so much more.  Pre-qualification and pre-screening are critical steps in the hiring process and customer-focused staffing companies spend quality time on these steps to meet client expectations.  After all, the true value of using a staffing company is to save time. Effective staffing agencies will do the legwork so that you are only spending time with qualified and pre-screened candidates that meet the job expectations.

Myth #2: Recruiters are too expensive. Why should I pay someone to do something I can do on my own?

Recruiters are paid for performance. If a job isn’t filled the recruiting company doesn’t get paid. The fee does not come into play unless an offer is made and accepted. While there is a price tag to work with an effective recruiting agency, the value they add and the time they save their clients goes far beyond the price.  It is advantageous to get the opportunity to have a whole other network of candidates to select from to find the best possible fit, as well as the expertise of a recruiting firm that knows your industry. 

A recruiter will help fill positions faster, therefore reducing the cost of an open position and they do the legwork so HR or business owner can use their time more effectively to grow and run the business.   

While it can appear a recruiting agency is expensive, the value they add to your hiring process far exceeds any cost in working with a reputable service. It is important to consider the tangible costs as well as the intangible burden that an open position presents for a company.  Sure, you can source, recruit, interview, and hire on your own if you have all day everyday to work at it- but why not let someone take all that leg work off your plate so you can focus on revenue-generating tasks. Many companies rely on extended hours of costly overtime, offloading production or overworking their current staff in order to compensate for job openings.   All of which are costly and can be minimized by considering a reputable recruiting service to assist with the hiring process.

Effective recruiters will save you time and help put your focus back on the growth and development of your business.

The most efficient recruiters give you a competitive advantage to winning the best talent. When the market is hot, it breeds heavy competition, the most effective recruiters know and understand that. Currently, open jobs outnumber those actively looking for them and in a competitive market you need your recruiter to be on your team and working quickly to fill your job role so the job opening doesn’t stay empty for long. When evaluating if a service is right for your business, ask yourself: What would I gain if the position was filled?  It’s a low risk decision to at least consider what a reputable service can do for you.   

Saving you time, money, hassle, and giving you your time back to focus on revenue driving activities – this is the true value of what recruiters do best.

A recruiter does so much for their business partners. They do more than just find people for jobs – they become an extension of a business to help hire qualified talent more efficiently. 

Reputable staffing agencies want to find the right talent so your business keeps moving forward. A job vacancy can set you back in more than just monetary ways and staffing agencies want to help you to fill your position fast.

Build A Workforce That Works – With Our Help

Partnering with a staffing agency makes sense if you are looking to fill a job or you are the one looking for an open job. Staffing agencies, like ours, want to lend a hand to the busy hiring department or person. 

And if you need help with hiring or identifying ways to show your culture off in the hiring and recruiting process, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with GTR today, and begin working with a staffing partner that will help you Build a Workforce That Works.