All businesses are unique – no two businesses, even if they are in the same industry, are the same.  The way businesses compete for market share as well as top talent in their industry is also unique. And the current hiring climate in 2022 is making it even harder than normal to attract and retain employees. The pandemic, the “Great Resignation”, an on-going skills gap in manufacturing… the list goes on. 

And because your business is unique, and the past 2 years have been tough (brutal if you ask us), supply chain issues, delays and backups in manufacturing processes, and more, the solutions you need to continue your business have changed a bit. Your workforce solutions should be flexible and tailored to your needs, the current industry challenges, and your current and future business goals. And outsourcing some of your work to other partners like a reputable staffing agency is exactly what is needed to stay competitive and keep business flowing smoothly, reduce stress on your already lean staff, and support your HR/hiring team in this time.

There are so many different workforce solutions and options out there for you to continue to easily operate each day, many of which can be outsourced. From recruiting top talent to managing someone after they are hired into your organization, there are resources and partners out there to help you recruit and hire effectively and efficiently. 

Outsourcing some of the heaviest lifting of the recruiting and hiring process means having the support you need, flexibility you require, and muscle to make your recruiting and hiring count. 

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Why would a business want to outsource recruitment and hiring efforts?

First, it’s easier. Having someone else to help you with the “heavy lifting” of what it takes to recruit and hire means your life (and hiring department’s life) becomes way easier. Why is it easier? Well you are saving resources – like time and money – and you are adding manpower to your hiring team in a very flexible way. 

This leads us to our second point – outsourcing recruitment and hiring efforts is more flexible than that traditional way hiring is done. In addition to the flexibility afforded by having someone else help with hiring, you also gain a more flexible hiring model that allows for ebbs and flows in employees based on the ebbs and flows of business. A flexible staffing model generally involves an ever-changing mix of permanent employees and temporary or contract personnel. A flexible staffing model helps to empower organizations of all sizes to adjust their staffing and hiring quickly depending on current and projected workloads. 

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Third, recruiting and hiring also takes time. While it’s great to have someone on your team and in-house working on hiring, the legwork needed to actually get you to the point of making a hire can take up a lot of someone’s time. For instance, on average it takes upwards of 13 hours or more a week sourcing and finding candidates to consider for a single job role. What could those extra 13 hours a week mean for you and your team? Outsourcing some of your recruiting and hiring process frees up much needed time for you and your team to work on more impactful projects and tasks.

Lastly, it’s a great way for businesses to be extremely efficient. Adding a flexible worker instead of someone full time frees up the time of your full-time team, and can streamline business workflows that ebb and flow with business needs. It gives support to overtaxed departments while giving you hiring and payroll flexibility. You can add workers with important specializations in your industry and to your business without tacking on the recurring overhead costs of hiring a full-time employee. It helps to ensure you are hiring the right person for your team too! Being efficient also includes making smart hires from the beginning – and having a reputable staffing agency partnering with you to outsource some of the recruiting and hiring process means maximum efficiency. 

So what are different types of workforce solutions that businesses can outsource?

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Talent Sourcing & Recruitment

Businesses can use partners, like GTR, to help with talent resourcing. This means sourcing and recruiting talent that fills both open positions now and in the future. Why is sourcing and recruiting the right way such a big deal? A function as important as finding the right talent ensures that businesses are able to attract key talent to help you achieve short and long term goals and continue to keep your organization competitive in your market. The most broad goal of sourcing is to create ways to have a consistent flow of highly skilled potential employees available for your hiring needs. 

Talent sourcing is a tough job anymore as in-person events and networking just isn’t happening in the same capacity as it was pre-COVID. But it’s just as important, if not more important, to continuously source top talent. Talent sourcing is working to convert non-applicants into applicants. There is also the role of talent recruiting that works to convert applicants to employees. 

Another key to the right sourcing and recruiting is having the right relationship with candidates before the hiring process. While some hiring is immediate, it’s smart to find candidates that have or are working on the skills you see as valuable overall and who can potentially join your organization in the future. A holistic approach to hiring to fulfil short and long term business goals means always knowing where your talent is coming from to avoid hiccups in the future. 

While talent sourcing and recruiting are different functions with different end goals, they almost always overlap to build a strong talent pool for immediate and future hiring needs. Talent sourcing and recruitment can be outsourced easily and quickly, particularly if a staffing agency has a long history of recruiting as well as a deep candidate pool that they are always adding candidates into. 

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Talent Management

Once you find the right talent, setting them up for an interview isn’t a one-step process. 

To make certain you are getting the right candidates to the next step in the process, pre-screening calls and interviews are designed to ensure candidates meet the basic requirements of the job. They are very helpful in identifying who should continue on to a phone or in-person interview and who isn’t a good fit for your job or your organization.  Phone interviews are even more important while COVID-19 is still present – but that doesn’t mean they are easier or take any less time than traditional in-person interviews. 

Reputable staffing agency partners can help you with both of these steps to keep the talent management cycle going while saving you resources (like time and money!)

Talent management continues beyond just interviewing.

Talent management means analyzing the right talent gaps for the present and the future, identifying the right talent pools and best-fit candidates, and figuring out how to get them interested in your company. It also includes evaluating current and incoming staff in order to capitalize on their strengths and skill sets and working to position them to flourish in organizations.  It’s so important to the long-term success of businesses – so don’t take this lightly! Again, talent management is a very time-consuming process, so partnering with a staffing agency who offers this solution means you get more time back. 

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Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive strategy when it comes to recruiting candidates can make sourcing, recruiting, and hiring much easier. Reputable staffing agencies are able to help you create strong and complete position profiles based on your needs, goals, and future business plans. They will also work with you to evaluate your competition for talent in the market and assist with marketing your opportunity and employer proposition above others.  Your partnership with a reputable staffing agency should continue past qualified candidates.  The right partner also becomes vested in a successful hiring process and goal attainment.    

Maximize your investment by hiring a team with the proficiency and knowledge of your industry and ability to customize workforce solution programs that will benefit your Operations and HR functions. Elevate stress and minimize the resources you need to hire by working with a staffing partner. 

At Global, we take a comprehensive approach to thoroughly understand your business so we can effectively market your company’s opportunities and become an extension of your hiring team.  Whether it is staffing for a project, building a team of full time employees, filling a single role or workforce management programs our experienced professionals will be with you every step of the way until your goals and expectations are met.

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This is such a great service that allows businesses to secure talent fast while minimizing their risk when business is uncertain.  

Businesses have been ramping up production over these last few months and are working on hitting manufacturing production levels that were trending pre-COVID. This requires the right staff at the right times to help you meet production goals and satisfy your customers. 

Outsourcing payrolling provides flexibility to businesses; it allows businesses to avoid risks of things like payroll taxes, and workers compensation; the ability to convert candidates at any time with no fees; and things like on-boarding and pre-hire are covered. There are so many perks to payrolling! 

What are the perks of outsourcing some of these workforce functions to a reputable staffing agency? 

Give you a competitive advantage.

Workforce solutions can give you a competitive edge. Custom workforce solutions created with the help of a business partner like a reputable staffing agency means focusing on different and revenue driving internal and external factors. A focus on your business and the revenue driving activities that help grow a business and not on hiring means a focus of energy into something that can give you a leg up over your competitors.

Managing and spending more time completing tasks that tie into your business operations and revenue growth can help you grow your business because you aren’t tasked with figuring out and managing the time consuming legwork of recruiting and hiring. 

Better talent. 

It’s no secret that there is a big issue plaguing manufacturing businesses looking to hire – the scarcity of qualified candidates and where to find them. Working with a staffing agency with a proven track record means tapping into pools of super talented candidates. Staffing companies have the tools and time to work to find the best talent for your open position. And since having an open position open for too long costs businesses a lot of money and a lot of lost resources, filling a job quickly and with top talent is a huge win for businesses. 

Staffing agencies (at least the best ones) work hard to understand what the business needs in the ideal candidate, they also spend time understanding a business and the overall business needs to work to find the best candidate possible for an open position. It’s one thing to just fill an open position but it’s another to find a candidate that is a great fit who can also potentially become employed full-time. Agencies go the extra mile to save resources when locating good candidates. 

Increasing your profitability.

Think of how a car runs so amazing when everything is tuned up and running smoothly – the same can happen to your business when you outsource your unique workforce solutions to a great partner like GTR. When you focus on doing the things necessary to drive business and stop having to focus your time and resources on hiring, you can continue to move your business forward. 

When the recruiting and hiring operations are running smoothly, managers will have more time to generate new ideas and apply them to increase many things in your company (including sales). 

Improves culture and teamwork.

Manufacturing operations management requires different departments to work together to produce quality products. If the stress of open positions, recruiting and hiring is removed from the equation, your teams can focus on performing at the highest levels of efficiency. Outsourcing workforce solutions give your full-time staff a break in both the worry of hiring for open positions and a break in workload if you opt to supplement with temporary or contract employees to complete orders and projects. 

If a team’s resources can be used to increase communication, solve problems, and find ways to increase production and decrease errors, the team and the business will be better overall. This helps improve business productivity, culture and ultimately impacts exceeding the expectations of your customers. 

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GTR can be the partner you need to create tailored workforce solutions that are the best for your business.

GTR has been creating tailored business solutions for our customers because we want to give them back both resources and their time. A reputable staffing agency is there to help you add more muscle to your hiring and develop solutions that work for you and your current and future business goals. Contact us today.