Top Tips to Improve Diversity in Your Workplace

Businesses who focus on adding diversity to their workforce by attracting and hiring a variety of different people find that their businesses succeed year after year.  Hiring a diverse workforce includes hiring people with diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds (to name a few). Diverse teams that include many people with a wide array of backgrounds helps a business produce [...]

Social Distancing and Heightened Hygienic Practices- The Future of Manufacturing Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping employees safe and healthy has always been a focus for businesses. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown a lot of employers that it’s time to step up their game and create a work environment that reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19.  The manufacturing industry isn’t an industry that can “work from home.” A jet, automobile, electronic device, or [...]

Employee Retention During A Crisis: What COVID-19 Is Teaching Us

We all see now that times are changing, and changing quickly. COVID-19 has upended our lives (no matter where we are in the country or what industry we work in). Businesses still need to continue, and many manufacturing companies are considered essential, rightly so. Manufacturing is the backbone of our country and businesses remain open during this time to make [...]

Top 5 Tips For Employee Retention

Employee retention is a hot topic. The hiring market still favors those looking for jobs over those looking to fill jobs - there are more jobs open than people looking for these jobs. This means that candidates have multiple offers and aren't afraid to take a job that balances a good wage with good benefits, and a company that showcases [...]

How To Communicate The Right Way: Why Great Communication Can Help Your Business Grow

Happy, engaged, and motivated employees stay working for you. And after the past two crazy years, keeping employees working FOR you is just as important as finding the right employees to fill open positions. Some studies show that engaged, happy employees are 20% more productive. That statistic is really eye-opening - how much more could your business do, could your [...]

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