Building a Talent Pipeline: The Key to Long-Term Manufacturing Success

The term "talent pipeline" refers to a strategic approach that organizations use to identify and develop a pool of potential employees who are capable of filling key positions. In manufacturing, the talent pipeline is particularly important due to the industry's ongoing struggle to find skilled workers. Let’s talk about what a talent pipeline is, why it is important in manufacturing, [...]

How To “Sell” Your Open Position and Fill It With Top Talent!

Having an open position is a daunting challenge these days with the amount of competition in the market.  Executing all of the things that need to happen to fill an open position plus the work that needs to be done to maintain production and keep current staff happy and working is also a huge challenge. But rest assured, there are [...]

5 Smart Tips to Wow Job Applicants When They Read Your Job Posting

Having a clear and easy to understand job posting can really help you find qualified and interested candidates. And if a job posting has been there for a while, it may be time for a little (and quick) refresh to get more eyes on the job and more candidates to apply. A clear job posting can help you attract talent [...]

Job Spotlight: CNC Machinist

What is a CNC Machinist and what do they do? CNC Machinists (computer numerically controlled machinists) are responsible for creating integral pieces of larger products that get used in so many different ways each day. CNC Machinists help manufacturing companies by cutting and shaping small pieces of metal, wood, or other materials into manufacturing components. These components can go into [...]

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