Having an open position is a daunting challenge these days with the amount of competition in the market. 

Executing all of the things that need to happen to fill an open position plus the work that needs to be done to maintain production and keep current staff happy and working is also a huge challenge. But rest assured, there are some great strategies you can implement to make sure you are effectively competing for top talent in your industry and giving yourself the best odds of filling your position with the right candidate. 

A job posting is more than talking up all the great parts of your job and position.  It should extend past just what someone will do and how much they will get paid to do it.  It should help you sell your position and company to the job seeker. An effective job posting should show the job seeker that your business is the best place for them to start or continue their career. 

So how can you “sell” your open positions to job seekers to entice them to come and work with you? 

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Do your research.

Part of making sure your job offer and your company are enticing is knowing what your competition is offering to determine if your job offer is fair and stacks up to the competition.

Good businesses can absolutely lose candidates if it’s not clearly communicated what their perks are and how your position is the best one for job candidates who are out in the field looking for their best opportunity. 

Getting “at bat” with job seekers is so important and the best way to do that is to know what your competition is offering and why your job, offer, and company is different. This makes you more appealing and attracts top talent (even if they aren’t looking for a job!)

Look at job postings for the same type of positions in your area and in your industry. Search job posting sites to see what other people have in their posts that you may be missing and see where your posting and offering are missing substance or clarification. 


There’s more to pay than just salary – talk about your compensation package! 

What can you use to talk about how great your job offer is that is outside of salary? The good news is – a lot! 

Whether you talk about these things in your job posting, during a post, or (ideally) both, make sure you highlight things that your business does differently. 

Vacation time and time off is a big one, especially as we are still battling a pandemic all over the world. Potential employees will want to know what your company offers for vacation time, sick time, paid time off, and any other beneficial time off initiatives you offer. 

It’s also important to not only talk about how generous your health benefits are, but how soon after hiring someone may expect them especially if you offer benefits when someone starts. 

If you offer anything else in the way of supplemental benefits and perks, make sure to talk about it whenever you can. Talk about it in your job postings, during interviews, and make sure it shows up on your website too! These supplemental benefits include things like flexible work shifts, any kind of stock or profit sharing, business cell phones, tuition reimbursement, 401K or retirement savings accounts.

Anything that really makes your company stand out from the rest needs to be communicated any place and any way you can so job seekers can see it. 

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Make your job postings as clear as possible. 

If you are looking at a menu, you want it to be clear what food is offered at a restaurant. If you have a recipe you want to make, you want to make sure you have all the ingredients needed to make something delicious. 

If you want to attract top talent to an open position, it’s so important to have all the necessary “ingredients” available and easy to read so the job seeker knows everything they can. It’s smart to make sure that your job posting is clear and to the point – that will help you attract that top talent to your organization. 

Oftentimes, the job posting is overlooked when an organization is trying to determine why they aren’t finding or securing qualified candidates for interviews. A bad job posting can prevent people from understanding the true job role or turn a candidate off from a job. 

If you haven’t looked at your job postings in a while, now is the time to audit them. Look for things that need to be updated that are outdated. Read the posting to make sure there are no missing skills or experience call-outs the job seeker needs to know when they apply. And lastly, consider adding in the great additional perks or exciting things your organization does to really paint a picture to the job seeker. 

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Talk about what’s exciting in your world.

Show off the great things your business is doing or involved in!

What do you do that is different from the other businesses in your area hiring for the same positions?

What is exciting about your business and what you are doing that will inspire someone to want to choose you over another business?

Really work hard to figure out what you do that is exciting that someone else may want to be part of. New projects like a government-awarded contract, new software, innovative happenings, and new accreditations are all different types of exciting things you can talk about that can entice someone to apply for an open position at your organization. Partnerships with organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, environmental causes, and local charities are all things you can and should talk about to inspire someone to join you! 

Highlight training, upskilling and reskilling.

This is a huge opportunity for you to highlight what you are doing to ensure that your employees continue to get the education they need to do their job better and gain skills necessary to be great employees. 

Onboarding, continued training, and any other upskilling or reskilling shows potential employees that you are invested in your workforce and want to see them successful. Extensive training programs are a great way to talk about how your organization goes above and beyond normal training to really help employees be the best they can be.

The supportive nature of a great training program really can showcase how great your organization is! 

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How and where do I talk about these things for potential employees to see?

The short answer – anywhere you possibly can! 

The long answer – many different places should house this impactful information for job seekers to find. 

Your website culture page is a great place to store this. Crafting your company story and your culture on a page on your website makes it easy for a job seeker (active or passive!) to head to your site and see what a great organization you have and why they will want to join you. Social media is also another perfect place to showcase this information too. Facebook posts, Instagram stories, or Tweets can all spread the word about your company and how great it is.

It’s also important to talk about these things in your job postings online. Again, a clear posting outlining the additional perks someone receives when they join your company can inspire that top talent you need to apply for your open positions.

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