Thriving in a fast-paced work environment isn’t for the faint of heart. Keeping up with demands of both clients and your job can seem, and to some not worth the reward.

But that just simply isn’t the case. Sure, the work is hard and demanding. Sure, there may be some long hours. But you know what you end up getting? You get better and more advanced skills including time management, a “can do” attitude and learn how to be very flexible in the moment. This is a fantastic skill set that is desirable not only in your professional life but also in your personal life. Building the foundation for good work habits early on in your career can help propel you further faster. 

We’ll just come right out and say it: working in a fast-paced work environment gives you a certain skill set that no other type of environment does. 

A Fast-paced Work Environment Makes You Better at Using Your Time

Being busier at work means being able to be extremely efficient with your time. If you only have 8 hours in a work day you can only do so many tasks. A fast-paced work environment teaches you how to look at your tasks, understand how much time each should realistically take, and putting those tasks in certain spots in your day so they are sure to be completed. 

If you are great at time management, you understand that some tasks are better suited for times of your day and the days of your week. Each job has some tasks that take more time and brain power than others and someone who is awesome at time management understands when to put tasks in spots in their work days and weeks.

Excelling at time management also requires you to have a to-do list, even if some days you don’t fully complete it. A list of what needs to be done, in the order it needs to be done, helps to keep your tasks clear.

Being better at using your time also means being savvy and able to find the information you need quickly. In a fast-paced work environment your customers matter even more and getting them the answers they need in an expedited fashion is a game-changer. Customers want answers and they want them fast so knowing how to find them quickly and efficiently means happier customers.

Being a time-management master means that you:

  • Know what time of the day you work best and put heavy thinking tasks in that time
  • Know the value of structured and unstructured time and how to use both
  • Understand the importance of setting goals
  • The value of planning ahead

Time management skills are invaluable to someone who is looking to take their career to the next step. Being able to demonstrate that you can manage your time effectively showcases how you are an invaluable member of a team and that you are the perfect person to keep moving up the ladder.

A Fast-paced Work Environment Helps develop a “Can Do” attitude

When your time is blocked off and there are tasks to be done, someone who thrives in a fast-paced work environment knows how important it is to have a “can do” attitude and mindset. Someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment also takes a can-do approach to tasks they have to complete. 

A can-do attitude (taking each challenge as it comes, looking at ways to overcome it, and taking those steps in order to move past the challenge and on to the next) is critical for success in a fast-paced environment, sure, but it also helps you overcome any challenge you find in your life with ease. 

An individual who thrives in a fast pace environment takes the initiative on tasks and challenges instead of procrastinating on them. They are willing to assist with efforts outside their primary responsibilities even if it may be a challenge. 

A person with a “can do” attitude acts the following ways:

  • Thinks that there is always a solution
  • Believes that on the other side of a challenge is an opportunity
  • Does not doubt their abilities
  • Have a strong work ethic and a strong desire to succeed 
  • Operates with integrity with anything they do
  • Takes responsibility for actions 

Traits like these make you successful and propel your career forward, fast!  

A Fast-paced Work Environment Makes You Flexible in the Moment (Which Is Hard To Do!)

Being able to move and move quickly is a key trait for successful employee. In an environment where the needs of your clients and your job change quickly being able to ebb and flow as the needs of the day change. 

Being flexible in the moment also means understanding your workload and what tasks can be moved to a different time or a different day of your work week. Sometimes you are up against a deadline that has just popped up in to your life today and there simply isn’t enough time to do all the things you wanted to get done. Being able to honestly look at your work and move around as problems and situations arise teaches you how to be flexible while meeting the needs of your clients and your job.

Showcasing your flexibility shows your employer that you are able to take charge of your own time and that you are able to dictate how and what you are able to accomplish. This further showcases that you are responsible, adaptable, and can balance your workload as it comes (and all of these are great to keep moving on up the ladder!)

Being flexible also means you are a great communicator. When you need to ask for help or need to delegate tasks, a flexible person is able to do so. Since flexible workers are able to delegate they are also able to understand that other people can do a great job on an assigned task. Working with a team and utilizing all the members and their skills makes a flexible employee able to ebb and flow as the business and client needs change. 

Looking For a Fast Paced Work Environment to Call Your Own?

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