At Global Technical Recruiters, we are really only as good as the people we have working for us. Our clients work with us because of our experience in the industry AND the top talent we employee. Our employees work tirelessly to pair quality candidates with open positions at companies where both the company and employee will benefit the most.

We started Day In The Life so everyone can meet the great staff that we have in our different offices. The people we have working for us really have impacted both GTR as an organization and the businesses they work with.

The first person we chatted with is Dillon Palmer.

Dillon has been with us almost 3 years and is currently a Senior Business Development Manager.

So Dillon – tell us a little bit about working at Global Technical Recruiters. Let’s start with a few questions about what you do each day. What do you do when you get to work in the morning?

Dillon: My first order of business is touching base with clients with candidates that were just placed. I want to make sure my client knows I am their partner in this and I also want to make sure they were on time and ready to get working. I think following up on your service is a key part of the process and goes a long way with clients. Again, it shows them that I wasn’t just interested in placing a candidate I really do want to make sure the candidate is the right one for my client.

Ok, so tell us what you do after that.

Dillon:  Before lunch I can do a few different things but I really like to use this time to cold call on new business opportunities. If I am in the office and have spare time the best way to talk to more people is to pick up the phone and call them. Plus, cold calling new business opportunities during the mid-morning is easier and people are more receptive to me since everyone has had their coffee and is settled in and not as grumpy as they might be at 8am.

True- coffee first! So how do you wrap up your day? What are some of the things you do after lunch each day?

Dillon: During my afternoons, I find this is also a great time to cold call if I have the time. I am also setting up interviews, presenting candidates to new jobs and prospecting for new leads. And any other task that’s been added to my plate as well. Being in the recruiting and staffing industry means knowing change comes quick and sometimes you need to move work and tasks around to get everything done. Each day is really different even if it seems I do the same tasks. The clients are different, the candidates are different, and each day can change quickly.

So what is your favorite part about coming to work here at Global Technical Recruiters each and every day? 

Dillon:  I enjoy the opportunity to attack the day however I feel necessary. This helps the days not feel so monotonous and repetitive. The culture at Global is really one that allows you flexibility to do what you need to do to do your job effectively. We really live by work hard, play hard and are empowered to make the best choices for our clients, candidates, and our workflows. It’s a really cool place to work at. It’s no secret that recruiting is extremely fast-paced and working in a fast-paced environment makes the days go faster, but it also gets me in a routine where I lock in and don’t get distracted by other things. I’ve got to get things done for my clients so I really need to be on the ball and on top of my workload.

What attracted you to GTR as a great place to work?

Dillon: The culture here is definitely the first thing that stood out to me. I can remember my first interview with the company I noticed photos in the building of the GTR team at tailgates and sports events together. We are helping our clients find the right talent for them and creating a workplace where everyone feels like they are on the same team. It’s great that we all mesh together well and want to spend time having fun outside of work. We are like a big family. It’s really awesome to be apart of it.

Let’s talk about success on the job. Can you talk about a recent success with a client?

Dillon: A client of mine wanted to start a candidate they recently offered, however they wanted to wait 2 weeks. I find that in this tight of a market, 2 weeks out can be too much time and that candidate can and will find employment elsewhere. I coached my client that a competative market like the one we are currently in favors the job seeker more than the company looking to hire and they may lose out on their ideal candidate due to this waiting period. We agreed to get them started the following Monday and it worked out well.

All right! Keeping clients and candidates happy and working – awesome. What about a deal you lost recently to a “bad hiring process?”

Dillon: I recently lost a deal due to the amount of interviews that were in the interview process. A client conducted 3 interviews which ultimately lasted a total of about 2 weeks. We lost the candidate to another job – and a shorter timeline. I consulted on the importance of speeding the process and I am hoping to improve the hiring process as a result. I cannot stress enough – this market favors the job seeker and not the business. There are more jobs than people looking for them so businesses need to move quicker to secure their top talent.

One last question – how do you coach your clients to help them make the recruiting and hiring process easier? 

Dillon: Consulting on pay rates is the first thing that comes to mind. While it is a touchy conversation to have at times, it is important in the competitive market these days. With the national unemployment rate around 3.5% or so, we find ourselves in an employee market. This means there are many jobs for candidates to choose from which leads to companies needing to separate themselves from the competition. To do so, a higher pay rate is typically the number 1 factor that stands out to candidates when selecting jobs. I have found the better the pay rate, the better the retention. I try and coach my clients of this so they aren’t loosing their top talent to people who are paying more.

Thanks for talking with us Dillon. It’s been interesting to get to know what you do, why recruiting rocks, and why your clients value working with you each day. 

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