The recruiting, hiring, and training process is a long and multi-step process. This can leave a lot of room for frustration and stress.  The zapping of resources (both in money and time), the coordination, and the implementation of processes and systems to make hiring easy is a huge and daunting task.

What if we told you it didn’t have to be?

What if there were things you could do as a business to help make recruiting, hiring, and onboarding easier so you spent less time doing these tasks and more time working on your business and doing revenue driving actions?

Good news: there are ways to make it easier to hire employees right- the first time.

First, have the right information available to potential employees by making sure your job postings are lock-tight.

Having a clear and easy to understand job posting can really be the ticket to attracting the best talent right from the start. 

If it’s been a while since you and your team has spent the time to evaluate and update your postings, now is the time to do it. Evaluating and updating your job descriptions is the perfect way to make your posting clear and comprehensive to attract quality candidates that are great fits for your positions and your company.

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Be sure to include a clear description of the skills required, training and certifications required and preferred, the benefits you offer, what the hiring and interviewing process looks like, and any other information like company hierarchy. 

You can also include things like: your company bio, great work you’ve done in the community, awards your business has won, additional perks (like gym memberships for instance), and how to get in touch with someone if a candidate has more questions. 

Next, make sure your job offer is fair according to your industry and your market.

While COVID has changed the hiring market, we are still finding that there are more job openings in the industry than willing candidates to fill them. In a time where some people are not entering the workforce due to COVID-19 concerns it’s important to make sure that when you find that perfect candidate you are able to offer them a competitive package to entice them to come work for you!

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Good businesses can lose candidates because of their job offers due to things like lower than market wage, not explaining benefits clearly, not communicating enough in your job posting, or not showing off how great your company culture is (and how much people value working at your organization). 

Take time to evaluate your job offering compared to what is being offered in your market and in your area. While you may not be able to get all of the little details about your competitions job offer you should be able to do some research on job boards and your competitions website to see what their job offerings look like. Poll your employees and ask what they have heard from people they may know at other companies, and don’t even be afraid to ask your employees what keeps them there.

Have great onboarding and continued learning processes and procedures in place to increase employee retention.

Any business owner knows that finding and hiring the right talent is only half of the battle – the other half is working hard to make your employees stay working for you. 

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Set your employees up for success from day one by having onboarding and support systems established and outlined for new hires. Making someone feel supported and valued from the start means happier employees in the long run.

Create clear career paths for each job and make sure you talk about this with all new hires. Show them in advance how the company and discuss this throughout the year during touch bases. 

Another great part of having a robust onboarding process is also making sure the right people are managing others. We have all been in situations where someone managing others isn’t the best person to be doing so. Put care and effort into selecting your managers and supervisors and you’ll see loyalty from your employees. 

Know there are services out there to help.

Reputable staffing agencies are a great partner to have if you need flexibility but don’t want to use extra resources to employ people to fill jobs. Post COVID is stressful enough, why make hiring even more difficult? 

What do we mean by this?

Staffing agencies, like GTR, have a variety of workforce solutions available to build the best suite for your business and hiring goals. At GTR, we offer things like: payrolling, performance evaluations, on-site check in, workers compensation, time reporting, and more. These solutions are designed to help businesses put more muscle behind their hiring and to provide flexibility in an unknown time. 

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Production will continue to fluctuate and new projects are being awarded to businesses based on COVID-19 trends, so smart businesses know they can count on a reputable partner to help them come up with the most robust and comprehensive solution set to keep them working. 

All businesses are not created equal and GTR works hard to create custom solutions to maximize your recruiting investment. Contact us todayContact Us to learn more about how we can help you put more muscle behind your hiring.