Temporary jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door in some great companies while still having the flexibility to learn about and work at different companies and in different job roles! And in the manufacturing industry, you’ll find a lot of fast-paced jobs that pay really well!

Temporary placements at companies aren’t just for people who are looking to fill a gap in their resume.

Temporary jobs are great for recent graduates, people who want to enter a new industry, or for people who are re-entering the workforce after a time period (think of mothers that have previously left the workforce, millennials, and even other generations that may want to re-enter the workforce too).

Many job seekers resist temporary work because they worry that they’ll just hop from assignment to assignment, never finding a true home. Furthermore, temporary work often comes with certain stigmas – lower pay, no benefits, and perhaps being treated as less than your direct-hire colleagues. With an influx of temporary workers and jobs out there, there is no reason to not consider looking for a temporary job in an industry or with a business that could help you jumpstart your career. Think of this as a way to “try before you invest” in a job or industry that may not be a good fit for you.

So why should you consider working with a staffing agency and taking on a temporary job? We’re glad you asked.

Learn new skills and experience new environments that you may not have had a chance to have access to any other way.

Temping gives you the first-hand chance to see what different companies, their cultures, and their workforce is like before you become permanent. It also allows you to really figure out what industries and roles you enjoy and what you prefer as an employee. 

You can determine what kind of career makes you happy and fulfills you. Do you prefer a fast-paced environment or sitting at a desk more? Do you like working with the public or with a set group of people day in and day out? Do you want to work with your hands and create or do you enjoy administrative functions at a computer more? A temporary job can give you the ability to discover what you’re good at and what you really want out of a job in an industry and with a business you may not have known about without a temporary job.

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You can also learn about career fields you might not otherwise be exposed to. For example, you could work at a manufacturing facility that creates state-of-the-art medical devices and realize that the industry is where you belong! You could land a temp job that shows you more about how to keep food cold during it’s trek from manufacturer to grocery store and realize that the idea of helping people worldwide really makes you excited each day. These types of exposure to industries and jobs you didn’t consider could make all the difference when choosing your future career.

Temp jobs can also help you find rewarding career paths while giving you more flexibility.

Some people discover they enjoy the variety of working for an agency at multiple companies. Many temp firms offer some form of benefits — such as paid sick time and health insurance — for those who have worked for an extended period.

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Staffing agencies make it easy to try a few different companies before you find one you really love. Taking courses at your local community college or adult education school will teach you new skills, but nothing teaches you as well as personal experience.

It fills a gap in experience and employment history.

Employers don’t really want to see a gap in your work experience and history, so temp jobs are a great way to fill that. Using temporary jobs to cover any kind of employment gap still shows that you are ready and willing to work while you find something full-time and aligned with your future goals. A gap of missing work gets filled in your CV which attracts managers who can hire you in future.

It’s a smart move to move forward to help you fill in gaps while looking for the best fit for both you and employers. 

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It can lead to full-time employment!

If you take a temporary job at a company and impress everyone with your work ethic and determination, the company can also hire you into either the role you filled or another open position within the company. 

The company has already done the hard work to interview someone (you!) and place them in the open position. You have already been vetted and have proven your skills and abilities so it would be natural for them to extend a job offer to you if one exists. 

Even if you don’t land a job at the company you temp at, the increase of reach with an expanded network and the lack of gap in your resume makes you more employable to other businesses with open positions. 

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Networking opportunities when you are connected to a new business and new people. 

Temporary jobs can lead to new networking connections, opportunities and good references if you stand out as a worker. All of this can help you in your pursuit of a permanent job position. Make sure to keep track of the positive feedback you receive while working a temp job, since this can also be used on your resume and future job interviews.

As a temp worker, you’ll be represented by an agency with more contacts than you could ever develop on your own. Furthermore, the agency has the inside track on who’s hiring and what they’re really looking for. When you work with an agency, you come with a seal of approval and are well ahead of the applicant off the street.

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A staffing agency, like GTR, can help. 

It’s stressful enough to look for jobs, so let someone else help you with the search. Working with a staffing agency like Global Technical Recruiters gives you a leg up over your competition. Recruiting and staffing agencies are there to help you polish a resume, highlight your strengths, and get you access to a variety of open positions that may not even be available to the public yet. 

Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new. You may land in an industry you never considered doing a job you really love – and it all started with a temporary placement! 

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