Job seekers looking to gain skills, expand their network, and continue employment while looking for a permanent career move need to consider taking a temporary job to fill in their employment history and keep their skills sharp.

As a jobseeker works to find a permanent position that aligns with their career goals, the strategic decision to collaborate with a reputable staffing agency for temporary roles can be a game-changer – truly! Staffing agencies don’t just work with business owners and HR departments, they also work with those people looking for jobs.

Staffing agencies serve as invaluable allies in the employment journey, offering job seekers not only immediate opportunities for income and experience through temporary roles, but also a way to enhance their skills, expand professional networks, and position themselves favorably for permanent roles. Job seekers should consider working with staffing agencies to take on temporary roles while they find their full-time next career move.

This proactive approach of taking on temporary roles not only addresses short-term employment needs for both the person looking for a job and the business, but also sets the stage for long-term career success by developing new skills, expanding networks, learning about new industries, and keeping gaps in employment to a minimum.

The benefits a job seeker will find when working with a staffing agency will extend beyond the temporary assignment, serving as a strategic stepping stone toward securing a fulfilling and lasting position in the ever-evolving job market.

Temporary work can offer several advantages for individuals looking for employment, and it can be a positive and strategic career choice for various reasons:

  1. Flexibility:
    • Temporary work provides flexibility in terms of working hours and duration of employment. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who value work-life balance or have other commitments.
  2. Quick Entry into the Job Market:
    • Temporary positions often have shorter hiring processes, allowing individuals to enter the job market more quickly compared to securing a permanent position.
  3. Diverse Work Experience:
    • Temporary work allows individuals to gain exposure to different industries, companies, and job roles. This diversity in experience can enhance skills, broaden professional networks, and make individuals more adaptable.
  4. Skill Development:
    • Temporary roles provide opportunities for skill development and enhancement. Individuals can acquire new skills or further develop existing ones by taking on diverse assignments and challenges.
  5. Networking Opportunities:
    • Temporary work allows individuals to build a broader professional network by working with different teams, managers, and companies. Networking is crucial for career advancement and future job opportunities.
  6. Testing Different Career Paths:
    • Temporary work provides a low-risk opportunity for individuals to explore different career paths and industries. It allows them to assess their interests and strengths before committing to a long-term career choice.
  7. Foot in the Door:
    • Temporary positions can serve as a “foot in the door” with a company. It provides individuals with the chance to showcase their skills and work ethic, potentially leading to permanent employment opportunities.
  8. Income Generation:
    • Temporary work provides individuals with a source of income while they are between permanent positions or during periods of career transition. It can help cover living expenses and maintain financial stability.
  9. Job Search Support:
    • Temporary staffing agencies often assist individuals in finding suitable assignments based on their skills and preferences. This can be a valuable resource for those actively seeking employment.
  10. Resume Building:
    • Temporary work adds valuable experience to a resume, demonstrating a candidate’s ability to adapt, learn quickly, and contribute to different work environments. This can enhance their marketability to future employers.
  11. Easier Return to the Workforce:
    • For individuals returning to the workforce after a hiatus, temporary work offers a practical way to reintegrate professionally. It allows them to update skills, rebuild their professional network, and regain confidence.
  12. Transition to Permanent Roles:
    • Many temporary positions have the potential to transition into permanent roles. If an individual performs well and aligns with the company’s needs, they may be offered a full-time position.
  13. Variety and Challenge:
    • Temporary roles often involve diverse tasks and challenges. This variety can keep work interesting and engaging, preventing monotony and contributing to personal and professional growth.

While temporary work may not be suitable for everyone or every career goal, it can be a valuable and strategic option for individuals at various stages of their careers, providing flexibility, opportunities for growth, and a stepping stone to long-term employment. And GTR can help! Contact us today to talk to a Career Consultant for free!