Being a top-notch recruiter and working in a fast-paced environment gives you a skill set that helps to propel your career – but did you also know that it’s extremely rewarding? Some people may shy away from this type of job but you shouldn’t! Being a recruiter working in a fast-paced environment is very rewarding for those who really love to change lives by helping them find jobs.

Providing companies and clients with candidates makes a big impact for both those looking to fill a job as well as for those who are looking for jobs. You really get to make an impact on people on both ends of filling a job.

So what else is so great about being a recruiter?

We make an impact and help shape the companies and communities we work with.

Recruiters work closely with their clients and businesses to find the best candidates to fill open positions. This is a basic function of recruiters. However, recruiters do so much more for their clients than simply fill an open job.

Recruiters build relationships with many different people and businesses to really make a big impact. Finding the right talent for a position and a company helps to facilitate growth and expansion for our clients. Growing businesses in our local communities makes a better place for people to live – which is extremely rewarding. Helping a business with not only their talent but shifting and growing their businesses with the help and support in employee retention, education, and culture development means we can help make an impact in so many different areas of a business. 

The competition is fierce but fun.

We have a great time in the recruiting world. If you want to truly live the “work hard, play harder” mantra join the fast-paced, exciting recruiting world! Filling open jobs for your clients is a head-to-head competition with other recruiting agencies and business, especially in this current market. Since there are more jobs open than candidates to fill them, the competition is hotter than ever and recruiters need to remain on their toes and always searching for perfect candidates. Finding and discovering hidden talent is exhilarating, and convincing your candidate to choose your firm’s job is an experience unlike any other. 

You develop skills that you wouldn’t in other industries. 

You get exposure to an environment unlike any other. A fast-paced environment teaches you skills that you may not find in other industries. You can learn or hone your multitasking, time management, and communication skills and you can also learn a few more in the process. An environment like the one you find in the recruiting and staffing industry can teach you how to really develop a “can do” attitude as well as better problem-solving skills.

So what do we mean by a “can do” attitude? A can do attitude is important in recruiting but it also can help you in your day to day life. A can do attitude is characterized by confidence, higher self-esteem, enthusiasm, and a desire to take on additional responsibilities in a positive and upbeat way. Think back to your last job – was there one person (even if it was you!) that always seemed to take on more work without issue? Was there a person that always volunteered for additional responsibilities and did so happily? That is the kind of can do attitude one develops in an quick and ever-changing environment.

Problem-solving skills in the recruiting industry are a bit different than other industries. Since we interact with people each and every day, the problem-solving comes down to how a recruiter can ask the right and best questions to both a client and a candidate to get the best information. A recruiter’s job is to not only find the candidates who possess the skills to qualify them for the job but they also need to make sure the candidate fits the company culture. 

We get total exposure to all parts of a business.

In the world of recruiting, you will get exposure to so many different parts of a business and their hiring process. You get to work alongside HR, recruiting, sales, marketing and operations departments.

As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to interact with so many different key decision makers at so many different businesses. C-suite executives, HR directors, hiring managers and operations departments interact with recruiters. This holistic approach to communication about hiring helps everyone focus on hiring the right (and best) talent for a job. 

It’s full of purpose.

Being a recruiter in this fast-paced environment we work in is not only great for your wallet, but it’s so much more. It’s full of purpose beyond what many think it to be. From the outside it appears that we are just filling jobs…. But we do so much more.

By filling local jobs with local talents we are helping build out local communities. Local talent in our business means a connection to the community to only develop a relationship with the local community but to leverage our staff and their existing network of people they know both personally and professionally. 

Helping business find great talent and helping great talent find jobs means helping impact someone’s life in a huge way. Landing a great job can help people and families immensely. While we still have a duty to fill jobs with the most qualified and best fitting candidate, recruiters can help improve the changes and experience of every applicant by uncovering any hidden talents, answering questions, as well as guiding and educating candidates through the recruiting process. And the same works for businesses! We are also hiring local talent for local businesses and work to make each community we work in better, more robust, and full of great businesses employing great community members. 

In the fast-paced recruiting world we also are able to grow our own skills sets and develop a purpose in our work that translates to our everyday life. Recruiters develop skills like this because we are pushed to be multi-taskers, to find better ways to use our time, to develop a can-do attitude, and to be able to be agile and adapt to any curveball thrown at us. This gives us a skill set that sets you up for purpose because this very skill set makes you excel at finding the best partnership for those seeking jobs and those looking to fill jobs. Finding and creating those partnerships in our communities fuels a deeper purpose for the work we do and the communities we serve. 

At GTR, we love the rewards of this industry. 

Our team is made up of people who truly desire to do what’s best for our clients who are looking to fill a job and for candidates who are looking for a job. We want to work with you to find the perfect job and company. If you win big, we do as well.

Does recruiting sound like something you want to do for a living? GTR is always looking for the best talent to join our ranks and start to make a big impact on our clients and candidates. Find out why working at GTR helps you Reach Your Potential.