The manufacturing industry has long been considered a male-dominated field, with women often feeling like they can’t or shouldn’t consider Making their Move to Manufacturing. Boy, is that all wrong! Women make up more than half of the available workforce but less than a third of those women work in manufacturing. 

Lucky for all of us, this perception is beginning to change as more and more women are entering the manufacturing industry and finding success and fulfillment in their careers. 

While it may not be the standard career choice for many women, there are so many reasons why women should join the ranks of manufacturers everywhere and find a rewarding and fast-paced career. 

There are many reasons why women should consider working in the manufacturing industry, here are our top reasons:

High Demand for Workers: The manufacturing industry is facing a skilled labor shortage, which means that there are plenty of job opportunities available. As a result, women who are interested in entering the field will have a good chance of finding a job and advancing their career. There are plenty of entry level jobs and oftentimes employers don’t require a college degree, so it’s a great opportunity for a lot of women.

Good Pay: Manufacturing jobs tend to pay well, with many positions offering competitive salaries and benefits packages. In addition, many manufacturing companies offer on-the-job training, which can help workers learn new skills and advance their careers to make even more money. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the average wage for a manufacturing worker is $25.24 per hour, which is higher than the national average for all industries. Many manufacturing companies also offer benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Variety of Positions: The manufacturing industry encompasses a wide range of different jobs, from machinists and welders to engineers and project managers. This means that women have a range of different career paths to choose from, depending on their interests and skills. Many manufacturing companies offer training and development programs to help their employees advance their careers, too. This means that women who start out in entry-level positions have the opportunity to move up into higher paying and more responsible roles.


Opportunity for Leadership: The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, which means that there are always opportunities for workers to take on leadership roles and make a real difference in their companies. Women who are interested in leadership positions will find that the manufacturing industry provides ample opportunities to advance their careers and make an impact. With a focus on upskilling and reskilling in order to address the skills gap, women can be among the dedicated and hardworking employees that take on open leadership positions and help organizations grow. 

Work/Life Balance: Many manufacturing companies are recognizing the importance of work/life balance and are offering flexible schedules and other perks to help their employees achieve it. This can be especially appealing to women who may have caregiving responsibilities outside of work. There can be temporary, contract, or direct hiring opportunities at so many businesses out there – so there are plenty of opportunities and solutions that can allow women to enter manufacturing and have a successful career, no matter what that looks like!

Sense of Accomplishment: Manufacturing work often involves creating something tangible, which can be very satisfying for workers. Manufacturing companies produce a wide range of products that are used in everyday life, from medical devices to vehicles to electronics. Women who work in manufacturing have the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to the production of these important goods that make such an impact on communities.


Positive Work Culture: The manufacturing industry is starting to embrace diversity and inclusion, with many companies making a conscious effort to create a positive work culture for all employees. This can be especially appealing for women who may have felt discouraged from entering male-dominated fields in the past. And when businesses involve women in leadership roles and teams – companies gain better perspectives, have more creative solutions to problems, and see greater profitability. 


Despite these benefits, women still face some challenges when it comes to entering and succeeding in the manufacturing industry. 


One common barrier is the lack of awareness about the wide range of career opportunities available in manufacturing. Many women may not realize that the field encompasses a range of different jobs, from hands-on production positions to more technical roles like engineering and project management. 

A second reason more women aren’t in manufacturing is women may not have realized that there are great opportunities and great pay in the industry – women in manufacturing earn on average 16% more than the national median annual income for women who are employed. 


While manufacturers can seek out ways to showcase how women in manufacturing can find a great career, it’s also important for women to be proactive in seeking out opportunities in the field. This may involve networking, seeking out mentors, and staying up-to-date on industry trends and advancements.


The manufacturing industry is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice for women, with plenty of job opportunities, good pay, and the chance to make a real impact. There are so many avenues to explore when it comes to career opportunities and career paths – and it’s about time women got a shot at Making their Move to Manufacturing and finding a well paying, rewarding, and exciting career.