Accelerated by the pandemic, there is no longer a one size fits all business practice.

Workplace norms are evolving as we speak. What worked 20 years ago seems to have been abandoned for the fast-paced, shifting, and dynamic culture we have today.

Now more than ever it is time for industries to assess and reinvent big parts of their overall processes to stay ahead.

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This means zeroing in on hiring, retention, and workforce shortages and taking advantage of the alternative resources available.

Growth-focused leadership in organizations everywhere has found that flexible staffing solutions can create the right kind of fluid environment that allows the business to ebb and flow all while ensuring productivity and output is met.

These teams are reconsidering “normal” full-time employment as being the only option and are staying open minded to unconventional kinds of labor. This adaptability will set them and their business up for success and assist with bridging critical gaps in daily operations.

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What is flexible staffing and why should you utilize it?

It’s really quite simple. Flexible staffing is an in-demand workforce solution that utilizes non-permanent employees to fill specific open positions. It can assist with short-term gaps or provide long-term relief when other options might not be realistic or available. 

Even if every role in your company is filled with the best talent, life happens. Employees have to take a leave of absence for childbirth, short-term disability, bereavement, an accident, sabbatical, or a variety of other reasons. When employees take a short-term leave, it creates a hole in talent and productivity. It is not realistic or advised to find another full-time individual to come on board for such a short stint. In addition, it does not benefit a business to replace the good employee that is temporarily out, nor is it legal in most cases.

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This is where flexible staffing comes into play.

There are many talented individuals across all industries that thrive off of contract or short-term employment. It works for their schedule and lifestyle. This does not mean that these individuals are less qualified than a full-time employee. In fact, most individuals who make a career out of contract or short-term work are equally if not more qualified, as they gain new skills and enhance their knowledge on each assignment.

Flexible staffing can be useful in other scenarios as well, such as a surge in labor needs or testing out potential employees. If your business has a quick increase in orders or demand, it can be more cost effective and less time intensive to bring on contract employees and get them going right away. The speed will allow for an edge over competitors.

Using flexible staffing can also ease growing pains momentarily and allow a company to do a test run with the professional to check for culture fit, skill, etc. It provides a buffer to assess personnel and headcount to see what is necessary moving forward. Having a staffing agency on hand to quickly fill contract and temporary roles can ultimately lead to more resilience for a company and better business decisions overall.

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Requirements are necessary – make sure to define them

Flexible staffing solutions should help a business more than hurt it. But it can easily turn into a time-consuming and frustrating process if requirements aren’t defined.

Before bringing on contract employees, businesses should evaluate and understand what skills are necessary for the position or positions at hand. Identify whether or not the role requires a trained skill or if it is one that can be learned on the job. Pinpoint the technical skills, computer skills, and soft skills that will help both the temporary employee and company work together successfully. Nail down the timeframe, if possible, so that realistic expectations can be set.

Staffing agencies can be a great starting place for these types of conversations. GTR can deliver meaningful feedback, offer suggestions, and provide strong temporary staff that is readily available.

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Don’t overcomplicate it – figure out what you need

Bringing on temporary talent can do more than just fill in empty spaces. It can provide clarification on skill gaps and allow core associates to transition to more value-adding opportunities.

It offers the power of time to make well-thought out decisions about productivity and move people to the right seat. It can even allow for a temporary employee to offer fresh ideas and improvement from an outside set of eyes.

The beauty is that you only pay for what you need. When an employee returns, if the temporary employee isn’t working out, or if there is a downshift in the market, it is easy to transition the temporary employee out of the business, or even into another role in your organization if you are happy with their work!

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Take the time to identify the right services – and then find the right partner

Flexible staffing is becoming more of the norm as remote work increases and employee priorities shift. As we know though, hiring and retaining employees takes ample effort and time. Finding solid temporary work can be a huge benefit, but isn’t always the most effective to do in house. Finding partners that offer services to assist is a smart business move and no-brainer. Let them help with resources that they already have available, rather than reinvent the wheel. 

Whether you are needing payroll help, workforce management, support in hiring, or human resource assistance, there is a company that offers that service. Finding and building a relationship with a partner that can help in all or one of those facets can be pivotal in your business.

GTR can be the partner you need to create tailored workforce solutions that are best for your business.

GTR has been creating tailored workforce solutions for our customers because we want to give them back resources, time, and energy. A reputable staffing agency is there to help you add more muscle to your hiring and develop solutions that work for you and your current and future business goals.

We are also extremely proud of the work we’ve done in communities to place qualified candidates with businesses that have open permanent and temporary jobs. Contact us today if you are looking for a staffing agency to help you find strong temporary or permanent talent in your market. We are here to help!