Recruiting and staffing agencies combat their fair share of myths and falsities. Last week, we wrote about 2 major myths that we often come across in this industry (that recruiters just post jobs online and that they are way too expensive). This week we tackle what other two major myths are out there regarding recruiting and staffing agencies. 

Often times recruiters have to combat some preconceived notions of what recruiters do and do not do, and what they should and should not do. 

Myth #3: Why would “good employees” or the “most desirable” candidates need to go through a staffing company to get a job?

Truth is that “good employees” or the “most desirable” candidates don’t go through a staffing agency because they need help finding a job or can’t find a job on their own.  They go through a service because it’s a highly advantageous way of evaluating several options to find the right fit for their career. In addition, highly reputable companies use staffing services to build their teams so it is a way for candidates to get opportunities with some of the most desirable companies in their region.  

For candidates, using a recruiter is a very efficient way to job search.  Many candidates are working and looking for better opportunities and searching through job boards is a time consuming task.  Partnering with a knowledgeable and reputable recruiter helps candidates target and identify the right opportunities for them more efficiently.   Instead of mass applying to every job posting out there and not knowing anything about the companies, recruiters can give candidates valuable information about their experience with companies and make recommendations to candidates based off their desired opportunity profile.  

Successful recruiting agencies invest into multiple recruiting resources to build up their network of passive and active job seekers.  They have access to a vast amount of information from both company and candidates regarding competition and market conditions. Therefore, companies and candidates alike rely on staffing companies as consultants for their expertise and value their guidance in their employment efforts. 

Myth #4: They don’t understand my business like I do, I’ve never had luck getting the right person from a 3rd party.

You’re right, we don’t pretend to understand your business like you do right off the bat.  However we do know your industry and recruiting in your industry.  If you combine your expertise in your business with our expertise in recruiting and finding candidates – it’s a winning combination.  

Successful recruiters  should work with you to develop the best strategies towards building your workforce so you have the competitive edge on gaining top talent in the market.  They should take a comprehensive approach to thoroughly understand your business so they can build the right profile and execute the right recruiting methods to find you quality candidates.  Essentially, an effective recruiting company should become an extension of your hiring team. They provide the value of having an expert do the legwork to find you candidates and increase the amount of candidates you have to consider while you remain in complete control of deciding who is a good fit and who is not. 

Why Working With A Staffing Agency Eases Your Workload

It’s no secret that offloading your work to an efficient recruiting agency can ease your workload leaving you more time to do revenue-driving tasks. Leaving the heavy lifting of recruiting and hiring to a staffing agency can help you take your time back and ease your workload. 

The cycle of recruiting and filling jobs happens at the same time for multiple open jobs so recruiters are masters of time management. This makes talented recruiters always in the know for latest job trends, hiring forecasting, where to find quality candidates, and what businesses need in order to fill open job roles. They are masters of time management as well as keepers of knowledge. Multitasking and keeping their clients and the industry top of mind makes recruiters more effective and efficient in their hiring and makes it easier (and often quicker) to fill a job role. 

A recruiter does so much for their business partners. They do more than just find people for jobs – they become an extension of a business to help hire qualified talent more efficiently. 

In addition to recruiting and interviewing, staffing agencies spend time following up with candidates that went through the interview process. Leaving a candidate for too long without a yes or no can leave you open for failure and put a bad impression of your business in a prospective employees mind. If you interview a stellar candidate but then take over a week to extend the job offer and perhaps another week or two to start, you may find yourself in trouble with someone who either turns down your job because another company offered them a job sooner you’d have to do all the extensive hiring work over again. 

Reputable staffing agencies want to find the right talent so your business keeps moving forward. A job vacancy can set you back in more than just monetary ways and staffing agencies want to help you to fill your position fast. 

Build A Workforce That Works – With Our Help

Partnering with a staffing agency makes sense if you are looking to fill a job or you are the one looking for an open job. Staffing agencies, like ours, want to lend a hand to the busy hiring department or person. 

And if you need help with hiring or identifying ways to show your culture off in the hiring and recruiting process, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with GTR today, and begin working with a staffing partner that will help you Build a Workforce That Works.