Is your staffing or recruiting service provider adding value to your business?

Using a staffing company to supplement your hiring and recruiting efforts should be a good experience and you should find value in the partnership.

There are a significant amount of staffing and talent agencies that are ready to partner with you to save you time and help make recruiting and sourcing easier. Their main goal is to partner with businesses that have job vacancies and fill them using their expertise, their recruiting and hiring tool set, and their vast and ever-growing pool of candidates to help find the right talent for your business. 

Well, what if the service you’re working with doesn’t do that? What if the service actually gives you more work and takes up more of your time? What if you feel like all they have been doing is pulling and sending you mediocre (at best) resumes that loosely fit your requirements, and you are left to sort through and do all the pre-qualification work?

Unfortunately, there are many services that have turned the staffing and recruiting business into a numbers game and a resume farm business. They aren’t adding value and often creating more work for their clients. 

Lately it seems that the staffing and talent industry has been saturated with too many services taking the “spraying and praying” approach or simply just flooding their clients with resumes and making them do the leg work instead of taking the right approach. 

What should staffing agencies be doing in order to provide value to their clients? 

There are a lot of things a staffing agency should be doing in order to not only help you as your partner but also make their job easier. But first and foremost, they should be results focused, be able to talk about their successes, have diverse resources for recruiting candidates, and be focused on helping you fill your vacancy (not focused on their bottom line).

Effective staffing companies are results focused.

The right approach is working as an extension of their hiring team and not making the person or team at your company tasked with hiring actually end up doing more work. A reputable staffing service spends time getting to know their clients company, position and desired candidate profile in order to do the legwork right. This means screening and weeding out resumes and candidates so that the client is getting the value of only having to spend time with people who meet their requirements. This does not mean taking any resume that seems to loosely fit your job posting and send it to you to review and act on (and therefore adding more work to your plate!)

Reputable staffing agencies really work as a true extension of your hiring team. They work at understanding and building the ideal client profile to make it easy for a business to offload the legwork and screening portion of the recruiting process. This means more time is spent with only the best and most qualified matches and less time is lost on people who just don’t fit the job or the company. 

Effective staffing agencies should knowledgeable and experienced. 

Not only should an effective staffing agency be able to speak about their techniques, but they should be able to speak about their effectiveness in placing candidates in jobs in your industry. Being a staffing expert also means being an industry expert when it comes to placing candidates in your businesses industry.  The success shows you they know how to work with clients and know how to recruit and hire in your industry. 

Recruiting agencies that have been in the industry and placing candidates for a long time (we are talking over a decade!) means highly experienced consultants who know how to effectively sell opportunities over the competition in your market. In addition, with experienced agencies you shouldn’t have to educate them on the technical parts of your positions.  Having a team that can showcase and position your opportunities with top talent is extremely valuable to the growth of your business. 

Effective staffing agencies should have diversified resources. 

Staffing agencies that can speak to specific recruiting and hiring techniques they use, including high level strategies and technologies they use are the agencies you want to partner with. Reputable agencies can speak about the how’s and the why’s of recruiting and hiring in your industry and answer any questions you have about it. They can explain the process of recruiting in your industry, how they work to grow their own pool of candidates, what platforms and tools they utilize, and what they do to hire qualified candidates in your industry. 

One of the most important tools effective recruiting and staffing agencies have is their diverse pool of candidates. This separates recruiting agencies and this tells clients that they are invested in recruiting outlets that find qualified candidates. Investing in the tools needed to grow a pool of candidates gives agencies access to an expanded network and pipeline of active and passive talent ranging from entry level to experienced professionals. The most effective recruiting agencies in the industry know that a diverse pool of candidates allows the best possible candidate to be selected and reduces downtime of the vacant position. 

They are focused on filling your role successfully & for the long term.

Finding the right staffing partner starts with having a staffing service who understands the positions and can effectively determine if someone has the right skill set but then can work to dig deeper into finding the right fit through a more thorough understanding of current employees backgrounds and backgrounds that did not work out.

A staffing service should be a trusted extension of your hiring team/a trusted partner and be able to screen and select the same candidates as you would if you were to do it on your own. You should know, like, and trust your staffing partner since they are an extension of your hiring team and are there to help you recruit and hire qualified candidates to fill your open position. They should be focused on building long term partnerships through successful placements and practices.  

A reputable staffing agency also understands that time is money and the faster a job is filled the quicker the business is back at full speed. Production and operations are challenged by a vacant position so staffing agencies should be equipped with the right technology to quickly match candidates and efficiently fill job openings, letting you focus on growing and improving your business. 

Providing value is what we do best.

Partnering with a staffing agency adds value by giving you back one of your most precious commodities – time. Staffing agencies, like ours, want to lend a hand to the busy hiring department or person so you can focus on growing and improving your business and keeping your production schedule on track.

And if you want to hear more about the GTR difference and why we’ve been so successful for the past 17 years, we would love to talk. Get in touch with GTR today, and begin working with a staffing partner that will help you Build a Workforce That Works.