Staffing agencies have been used as a partner for businesses of all sizes in order to give businesses more muscle behind their staffing and hiring needs.

While businesses may have a department internally that does hiring, these businesses also find tremendous value in finding the right staffing partner to help them not only staff to their daily needs (covering absences and short-term requirements) but also to help with sourcing and hiring the right talent to build their teams during the long-run.

While some see partnering with a staffing agency counter intuitive, it’s the right move to save businesses time, resources, and offer unparalleled flexibility whenever necessary.

So how does a reputable staffing agency partner with a business to help the staffing and hiring process become as efficient and frictionless as possible?

They make the hiring and staffing more efficient. 

This is done in a few ways.

First, by outsourcing the hiring to another agency, you’ve freed up time and resources that can now be allocated for different business-driving initiatives. By freeing up time and resources, businesses find even more opportunities to focus on things that can really and directly impact growth and development. 

This also extends to being able to use deep talent pools and aggressive recruiting efforts and strategies to accommodate the volume of candidates you could need for starting back up, scaling back to full production levels, or big projects. These qualified individuals are used to fulfill your specific staffing needs. 

Using a staffing agency during uncertain times like these can save you time and resources while reducing stress. 

It’s stressful enough to flow with the changes and constraints of supply chains and production demand, so outsource your hiring and staffing needs to a business that is well versed in it.

Recruiting the right talent for the position takes long enough, and if you add on the time it takes to review applications and screen candidates, you are talking about multiple days devoted to finding the right candidates.

Put some more muscle behind your recruiting and hiring by using a partner like a staffing agency. 

They provide flexibility.

Post COVID-19, situations and scenarios change rapidly. Sometimes, projects are awarded to companies quickly and staffing requirements need to happen just as fast. Working with a staffing agency that has a proven track record of recruiting and placing candidates for both temporary, short-term, and permanent basis let’s you know that your staffing partner listens to their clients and works as an extension of their hiring “arm” – and doesn’t just go off and do their own thing. 

Another way staffing partners offer flexibility is finding candidates for positions who could also end up being a permanent hire for your company if positions open up. 

If someone is used for a temporary position, you may find they add so much value to your business that you want to hire them in as a permanent employee – which is great! 

The proper leg work was done before the initial hire, so the candidate has been screened and reviewed already so the transition to full time will be even easier than ever before.

Reputable staffing partners pride themselves on their ability to find quality candidates for their business partners while giving them the flexibility to ramp up their staffing levels fast while finding candidates that could be long-term fits.

They give you the ability to easily commit to new opportunities and projects for growth.

Outsourcing the hiring piece to a reputable staffing agency means it’s even easier than before to commit to big projects.

While production is still ramping up in a lot of businesses, staffing levels may not be where they should be in order to keep up production and take on new projects – and that’s where a staffing agency can step in and offer some great support.

These new opportunities often mean needing to hire someone to manage the project and managing the hiring for the project. Use a staffing partner and avoid all of that headache. Your current staff is stressed enough so leverage a partner with the right tools that can offer the support you need

Being able to take on new projects and having the right workforce to accomplish them is especially important for businesses who are already busy – adding in more projects and production can cause overwhelm and stress to an already overwhelmed and stressed team.

Partnering with a staffing agency can allow someone else to bring you quality candidates while you work to accommodate other parameters of the new project and keep your production right where it needs to be. 

They offer complete workforce solutions. 

Staffing partners can implement complete workforce solutions to manage staffing efforts for projects including time keeping, tracking, payrolling, on-site representation to manage the day to day HR related needs of the contracted associates. 

There is no need to take on staff and the responsibilities that come along with hiring.

A staffing partner can help with the administrative “things” that come with hiring someone into your business. So you get the best of both worlds – the staff you need without the administrative overhead and work. 

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