Any successful business knows that they key to keeping their business moving forward and keeping customers happy is the talent and employees working for them.  Keeping a business moving post-COVID is not an easy task and something to not take lightly.

Many sectors, including manufacturing, saw a total shut-down as well as a decline in their production so a humming shop floor means good business for you and good business for the economy. 

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So when there is a vacancy in a company, it’s time to find a great candidate that can not only perform the job but also fit into a company and its culture. 

When that happens, many people turn to job boards, internet postings, and a variety of other tech to post jobs and look for candidates. These tools are great but can sometimes be a passive and costly way to try and find candidates with little to no success (at least, without a proper strategy). 

Now that additional unemployment monies have been discontinued, many people are looking to get back into the workforce and while the influx of resumes into your inbox seems like a good thing -looks can be deceiving.

Why isn’t it a good thing that there are more resumes coming in for jobs?

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When the unemployment landscape changes, many people come back into the workforce. Some, willingly…. While others may not be so willing. In order to continue with unemployment benefits, people need to apply for a certain amount of jobs proving they are looking for employment. This can gunk up your postings, create more of a headache, and add a lot more stress to your plate. 

More often than not, there are a lot of great candidates out there but sometimes you can get bogged down by spending time reviewing resumes and reaching out to people who are not interested in working for you. Or, there could be an influx of people applying that just are not a good fit for your business or your open position. But how will you find if people are a good fit or not unless you sift through the countless resumes that flood your inbox and desk? 

It takes so many resources to comb through all even qualified applicants that you need a second and third person only devoted to doing this task to ensure no great candidate gets lost. Reviewing the candidates resume versus the job posting takes so much time – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Vetting applicants to ensure they are interested in the job, confirming their references, contacting past employers, and taking the time to schedule interviews is a big job….. Now multiply that by multiple candidates and you can quickly see how much time that takes to find the perfect candidate. 

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What if you end up doing that for a lot of candidates but come to find out that none of them are actually good fits for your position and organization? All of that time wasted – when it could have been spent doing revenue and business driving things. 

When there is an influx of people who are unemployed, regardless of reason, business owners and HR departments may get excited at the prospect of so many applicants applying for their open positions. But it isn’t what it seems, so don’t get caught in a cycle of recruiting and hiring and spending precious time and energy sifting through candidates. (And don’t forget: there are also reputable companies out there that can help you with recruiting and hiring, like GTR!)

What are ways you can connect with top talent even before they apply to your job (or, how can you attract talent without even really having an open job!)

If you want to attract top talent to your business each and  every day, it’s worth the effort to make sure your digital presence is polished up. It’s not enough to just have a website for validation any more- job seekers want to connect with the company and their mission and vision. 

There are some great ways to connect with talent even outside of recruiting and hiring efforts. 

First, consider your digital presence. What does your website look like and say about you? What does your culture, about, or careers page say? Further, are you on social media? What does your social media say about you? How can someone learn more about you and your company?

In addition to just making sure that your digital presence is there, make sure it really speaks your message and what you want potential job seekers to know about working at your company. Are there great perks? Do you offer flexible time off? Is the culture so amazing people love to come to work everyday? Use this opportunity to sell your business to prospective employees. 

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Second, show off your great culture. This can come from a culture page, videos on your social, or even from your employees. Having a great company culture and really valuing employees can create situations in which your employees start to do the recruiting for you. If they love where they work so much, they’ll be quick to tell everyone else why they should work there too! 

Lastly, work on your employee retention internally. While having open positions is something that every business has, there should be focus on keeping current employees happy, engaged, and motivated so you don’t have high retention (and are forced to repeat the hiring cycle more times than necessary). 

What can you do to ease the workload of sifting through resumes?

First, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a hire. Part of that game plan is having robust, up to date, and accurate job postings. A clear job posting helps to attract the right talent from the get-go and can help you with internal hiring efforts (like job roles, skills required, career trajectory, salary, and reporting hierarchy). 

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Don’t brush off taking the time and resources to evaluate and update your job postings, even if the job isn’t currently open at your company. 

Next, you can request applicants fill out an additional form so they can input certain qualifications and outline the specific skills they have that align with the job requirements. Just asking for resumes to be sent without some sort of qualifier like this can lead to a stack of resumes on your desk, some of which don’t even qualify for the job you have posted. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like – just make sure that all applicants are asked to fill this out. This also can help serve as a way to ensure that resumes and cover letters are treated equally. 

Know there is help out there.

Another great tip is partnering with a business that can make sorting through candidates even easier on you and your team.

You can partner with someone who is well versed in recruiting and hiring that can serve as another arm to your efforts.

A staffing partner like GTR is ready and able to help you find the talent you need and save your resources by becoming your recruiting and hiring team. 

We are here to help you source and recruit, sift through candidates, coordinate interviews, help with onboarding, and to advise businesses on best ways to hire and retain employees.

We have over 18 years experience in recruiting and use a holistic approach to the entire hiring cycle. We work with our customers to ensure we are working toward the same goal and finding talent to fill business needs and objectives. Let us help you Build A Workforce That Works. Contact us today.