You are ready to Make Your Move and landed an interview with a new company – congratulations! Job interviews are stressful enough, don’t make it worse by doing these 7 things that are BIG no’s! If you want to be a serious contender for an open position, a few missteps can cost you the job. Don’t do any of these 7 things below and nail that next interview!

#1. Don’t be clueless about the company you are interviewing with.

Knowing the basics about a company is as simple as pointing and clicking these days, but sometimes people forget to do their research. Despite this information often being so easily available, some applicants still come in really unprepared – and it shows. Spend time reading a companies website, LinkedIn page, or social media accounts to get an understanding of the vision, mission, and values and how you’ll fit in. While you research, write down any questions you may have that you’d like to ask during the interview.

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#2. Don’t talk too soon about money.

Any good hiring expert will tell you not to be the first person to bring up salary. Money is important, but bringing it up too early in the conversation is a big red flag for the company.

#3. Don’t be too late, or too early!

Showing up late, canceling at the last minute, and not being flexible with your schedule are big-time annoyances. Arriving more than ten minutes early for an interview can also start the relationship off badly as well. Too early means that you may have too much time on your hands or be unable to manage time right. Showing up too early or too late for an interview doesn’t show the company that you can handle multiple time commitments and could prevent you from getting the job!

#4. Don’t forget copies of your resume.

Don’t assume an interviewer has a copy of your resume handy, no matter how many times you’ve sent it or to who. It’s best to plan to bring more copies than you think are necessary, just so you can ensure that everyone who needs a copy, has a copy. It’s your leave-behind when the interview is done. You don’t want them to forget the best things about you after you are gone!

#5. Don’t trash a previous employer.

It’s never a good idea to trash your last employer, no matter how bad the relationship ended. Use this time to instead talk about the strengths you had at your last job and how they will directly apply to the job you are interviewing for.

#6. Don’t lack enthusiasm.

This is why homework is so important. Learn about the company and talk about how excited you are to be part of the vision and mission. Show excitement in your answers and engage with your interviewer appropriately when the time is right.

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#7. Don’t talk too much!

Talk AND listen during an interview. You want to answer the question, but try to limit the amount of time it takes and cut out any rambling and stories that don’t apply. It’s great to be able to speak about your past work history, the great skill sets you have acquired over the years, and what you learned about the company but spending your entire interview doing the talking is a bad way to begin any kind of relationship with a place you’d like to work at.

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